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Marina Lacombe DESIGN Giorgio Armani to design new Admiral superyacht Start Reading

Slide Giorgio Armani, the proud owner of several major yachts, is to design a new Admiral superyacht for a mystery client. Armani is linking up with Italian Sea Group, a global leader in luxury yachting, to build the motor yacht, which will be 72 meters long. The designer expects the yacht to be ready by early 2024.

Giorgio’s first yacht, the 50-meter Mariu, named after his mother, dates back to 2003. It is noted for its highly distinctive Armani aesthetic – wide teak floorboards; bleached oak paneling; open-plan saloons and minimalist staterooms. Mariu is currently available for charter at €225,000 for the high season.

His second yacht, the 65-meter Maìn was delivered in 2008 in an unusual dark green, camouflaging it at sea and featuring highly distinctive stratified glass bulwarks to provide extra visibility. Finished with Armani’s understated elegance, Maìn is generally moored at the port of La Spezia, the Ligurian port that is the base of the Italian Navy, allowing the designer to cruise between his residences in Saint-Tropez and the island of Pantelleria.

Maìn can host 12 guests in seven cabins and has a crew of 14, who are subjected to three changes a day, according to the fashion legend. Maìn, like Mariu, is the diminutive of Mama in Piacentino, the local patois of Armani’s hometown.

His first two yachts were built by Codecasa, who also built the yacht of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

However, for his next craft Giorgio is developing a sleek, technological line with the Italian Sea Group, the luxury yachting operator founded by Giovanni Costantino, which constructs and refits yachts and ships up to 100 meters long.

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