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Slide Plus, how Lush Cosmetics tried to crush a union drive.

Teen Vogue's new executive editor gives update from staff

On Wednesday, Teen Vogue's newly-appointed executive editor Danielle Kwateng shared an update on behalf of the team about what's been happening internally and what comes next for the publication. "While our staff continued doing the groundbreaking and progressive work we're known for, we stopped posting it on social media as we turned inward and had a lot of tough discussions about who we are and what comes next," she wrote. "We're not perfect, but we do know our place in the media landscape and recognize that our readers make up the DNA of our work."

Lemlem announces collaboration with H&M

Liya Kebede's Lemlem is releasing a capsule collection with H&M on May 6, the model and designer announced on Instagram. "Lemlem in Amharic means to blossom and I hope this is the beginning of a blossoming new era for fashion, with hopefully more sustainability, more visibility to black owned brands, more heritage and of course more of a much needed, more colorful and more uplifting wardrobe palette for our world today," she wrote. H&M also pledged to donate $100,000 to the Lemlem Foundation.

How Lush Cosmetics tried to crush a union drive

For Vice's Motherboard, Lauren Kaori Gurley reports on Lush Cosmetics' anti-union campaigns across North America, which contradict its messaging around ethical shopping, and which the Workers United North America's Richard Besinger described as "the strongest anti-union campaign I've ever seen in Canada."

Fashion's new wave of DIY designers are making the industry human

Keegan Brady highlights the fashion creatives like Merritt Meacham, SC103 and Tony Tafuro, who are honoring the art of DIY through their unique, handcrafted pieces, and details how current circumstances have elevated their work within the industry.

How red dresses became a symbol for missing and murdered Indigenous women

In Vogue, Christian Allaire spotlights The REDress Project, a traveling art installation by Jaime Black that raises awareness about the violence facing Indigenous women, and its influence within the community.

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